MARCH 29, 1993 - DECEMBER 13, 1993

So 3 months later I pick up the project again.  Since I had a decent cut of the film my next step was to work on the sound.  I dropped off the sound to transfer to mag (at this time I was editing on a Steenbeck).  We had the facility at the School of Visual Arts to transfer 1/4" to mag ourselves - but, to be honest, I hadn't a clue how to do this.  I think I did it once, but couldn't remember for the life of me.  I always take the easy route, even if it costs me a little extra $$.  You might think that isn't smart.  But screw it - it's easier letting pros at Duart do it.  The rest of the year was basically spent breaking down the sound I had recorded.  In December I went through my cut of the film and made a list of every shot I used.  At the time, I remember thinking I was wasting time I could've spent actually editing.  Little did I know how handy this shot list would come in when it came time to actually finish the film...


MAY 9, 1994 - JUNE 20, 1994

Well, this was it.  Graduation was quickly approaching.  I hadn't worked on the film at all senior year.  The class I began this film for ended up as an "incomplete" on my transcripts.  Suddenly, I realized if I didn't get that "incomplete" changed to a letter grade - well, there'd be no graduation for me.  It's not that I didn't wanna finish the film, but at this point I was working on getting a script together.  Most of my time went into that during senior year.  Anyway, I went into the editing suites for 4 days.  I cut and cut and cut...I broke down Stan's narration.  I worked like crazy on the film.  I knew I wasn't gonna really finish it, but I needed to get it to a point where my teacher could see what I was doing and give me a grade.  I actually felt bad when I was working so hard during this period.  I felt like I should've done this years ago.  I did enjoy it.  I don't know why I didn't get off my ass earlier and actually finished this.  I could've been leaving school with a completed feature script AND a short film.  Oh, well.  Hindsight.  So, I also spent some time transcribing all of Stan's narration.  Again, this would come in handy - ten years later.  So I got the picture pretty tight at around 8 minutes.  I had 2 basic sound tracks done.  One with just waves and seagulls in the background.  The other was the narration.  I showed my teacher and he dug it.  I graduated.  I moved to LA soon after.  Spent many days thinking about picking up the film and really finishing it at an editing facility in LA.  Even checked into some prices for renting a Steenbeck suite.  But, I never did get around to it...


MAY 31, 2002 - JUNE 29, 2002

The facility I work at has an Avid.  The sweetest invention that has ever been made for filmmaking.  Better than Steadi-Cam, better than CGI, better than Pam Anderson's boobs...well, maybe not better than those.  Anyway, I had already been through editing my first actual finished film "H.R. Pukenshette" with Phil Botti on his Avid.  That's where I was really introduced to the Avid.  So when they set the one up where I work I instantly started trying to learn it.  I began with some "home movie" footage my friends and I had shot over the years.  I made a sorta "best of" video of it all.  I made a few music videos with the footage, etc.  I was having a blast.  That's when it occurred to me to dig out the old Asbury film and finally finish it.  First step was to get my original 16mm negative and 1/4" audio transferred to BetaSP.  I checked around at a bunch of places, it looked like it was gonna run me near $400 for this.  I had no choice...or so I thought.  I told my boss about my plans one day making small talk and it turned out his cousin ran a transfer house inside Technicolor.  He said he'd get his cousin to do my transfers.  For FREE!!  I couldn't believe it.  Next step was to dig out my notes.  The same notes I thought I'd wasted time doing.  See when I last left off I was still cutting on Steenbeck.  My film was basically a role of film.  Unless I rented a Steenbeck I had no way of watching how I originally cut the film.  Luckily, I had my notes.  Which, not to brag, were excellent.  I knew exactly which shots I used, which parts of the narration I used, etc.  Of course I wanted to see if maybe I had a new take on the film, too.  So I went thru the footage once I got it back from being transferred.  There were a few shots I originally didn't use that I, now, wanted to.  So I went to work reassembling the film - but this time with the Avid.  Things went pretty smooth.  I swiped some sound FX from Sound Dogs.  I had to copy them and mail them to an Apple computer and then dump them to CD.  It took me like 3 days to figure all this out.  When I copied them to a PC the sound was all distorted.  Somehow I just thought to email them to the Apple computer - and it worked.  When I shot the film Asbury was in no way looking like a city turning itself around.  People had come and gone trying to rebuild Asbury.  But now, ten years later, it seems someone is actually making some progress in rebuilding the place.  Who knows if it'll work.  But to avoid making the film look dated I threw a prologue on the film basically stating it looked like the city was on the rise again.  I really had a blast.  On one hand, it's fun editing.  On the other hand, I was stoked I was finally finishing this film.  And so I did.  June 29, 2002.  I did my final cut.  Mixed the sound.  Made a new BetaSP master.  And that was that.  It was done.  10 years, 8 months, 5 days.