There was a time when the seaside resort town of Asbury Park, New Jersey was THE place to be in the summer.  People came from miles away just to spend their vacations there.  It had it all.  Glamorous people, beautiful beaches, amazing attractions, delicious food, a bustling boardwalk...everything.

But that was long ago.  In the early 70's the town started its slow descent into becoming the most renowned “eyesore” on the Jersey Shore.  The buildings are falling apart, streets are lined with trash and vacant lots have replaced the beaches and attractions.  Asbury Park has become a shell of its former glory.

Steve Herold's 8-minute documentary skillfully captures the images from Asbury's present while we listen to its past through engaging stories by Stan Parratt who grew up in the town during its better days.

Many other places in the world have similar stories about towns that have fallen on hard times.  But Asbury Park captures the heart and soul of locals and famous alike who can recall its history, while feeling its sorrow of today.