It's finally here.  You finally got the guts to do it.  You ask the love of your life to marry you.  And she says...

That you're the biggest loser she's ever met.  And then goes on to tell you EXACTLY why you're such a loser.

What do you do?  Suck it up?  Move on?  Tell yourself, "Her loss not mine?"  "There's more fish in the sea?"

Hell no!  You do what any other red- blooded loser would do.  You decide to drink yourself to death.  Problem is you've never been much of a drinker and after gallons of booze that last shot of Tequila doesn't sit well in your stomach.  As a matter of fact, it doesn't sit in your stomach at all.  You vomit.

But wait a minute!  What's this?  Out of your vomit springs your French Guardian Angel: H.R. Pukenshette!!

He's seen your kind before.  He knows exactly what you need.

A day of fun in the sun.  Pranks and highjinks.  That'll show you why life is worth living.  What do you have to lose?  So, you follow him.  And he's right.  Life IS worth living.

H.R. Pukenshette is Steve Herold's 10-minute "tribute" to the happy-go-lucky TV shows of Sid and Marty Krofft.  The irreverent comedy stars exciting new actors Joe McClean and Sabrina Gennarino as the unlikely couple.  Also along for the ride is actor/puppeteer/man of 1,000 voices Kevin Kolack as "H.R."  The soundtrack features two original songs as well as music by the Sandals, who performed in Bruce Brown's legendary surfing film The Endless Summer.